We offer the largest and most diverse selection of succulents from around the world. Here you can find a large spectrum of possibilities. From simple and easy to grow to the most and rare unusual and hard to find collector specimens. Learn how to cultivate these amazing creatures, create fun projects, landscaping, weddings favors, events and decoration or just expand your already great collection. 


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Adenia ballyi - Planet Desert
Adenia ballyi
$ 120.00
Adromischus maculatus - Planet Desert
Agave shawii goldmeniana - Planet Desert
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Aloe claviflora - Planet Desert
Aloe claviflora
$ 11.99
Aloe haworthia Pentagona Alworthia Black Gem - Planet Desert
Aloe Humilis - Planet Desert
Aloe Humilis
$ 9.99
Aloe humilis pratensis - Planet Desert
Aloe karasbergensis - Planet Desert
Cheiridopsis denticulata - Planet Desert
Crassula Moonglow - Planet Desert
Echeveria Agavoides - Planet Desert
Echeveria cante - Planet Desert
Euphorbia beharensis - Planet Desert
Euphorbia cooperi - Planet Desert
Euphorbia grandidens - Planet Desert
Euphorbia inermis huttonae - Planet Desert
Haworthia guttata Uitewaal
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi variegata
Momordica rostrata
Pedilanthus tithymaloides variegated
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Pseudolithos harardheranus
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