About Us

Planet Desert is a family-owned wholesale/retail nursery based in Southern California. We are dedicated to growing a wide variety of cacti and succulents and are constantly adding, developing, and creating more products. We offer the best quality plants at the best prices possible. After all, we've been in the business for years!

I developed a passion for plants way back in my early twenties. I grew up in the outskirts of Mexico City, surrounded by nature. My family owned a big piece of land which was divided between my parents, my brothers, my sister, and me. We each had our own house and shared common areas with a pool, a huge garden, and some undeveloped land. Eventually, my brothers and I built a greenhouse and launched a business selling poinsettias. That's when it all started.

I left the poinsettia business to my brother and worked some other jobs (not plant related). But, once you work with plants, soil, flowers, seeds, etc. there's no going back. I felt a yearning and I missed the smell of damp soil and watching how a few seeds can turn into a beautiful shrub, especially when nurtured with just the right amount of water and light! Gardening is truly therapeutic. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that plants become part of the family, just like pets.

Eighteen years ago my wife, my two beautiful daughters, and I moved to California. We packed up and left Mexico with no specific plan. A true improvisation leading to a life project. Mendocino offered excellent conditions to go back to the plant business. Soon enough, I was experimenting with cacti and succulents and Planet Desert was born.

Three years later, we moved down South, to beautiful Fallbrook, California. Here, the Mediterranean weather is just what our cacti and succulents (and we) needed.

Not only are we a nursery that offers beautiful and unique succulent and cactus plants, but we also deliver! We have perfected the art of shipping our gorgeous plants across the country, allowing you to enjoy a new plant, no matter where you are. While it may seem strange to have a plant shipped to you, we ensure that your new plant will arrive in perfect condition.

Be sure to shop through our collection of succulents and cacti, read up on care instructions, and order your favorite plant today! Contact us with any questions you may have.


Mark, Citlali, Kiara and Ana