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Nice Mammillaria
Euphorbia platyclada dead plant
Mammillaria geminispina
Golden rat tail
Mammilaria sphaerics
25 assorted came so fast! All intact and so cute. Love them!
Cute small cactus
Opuntia Sunburst propagating
Submatucana aureiflora
Pelargonium alternans
My First cactus I got from planet desert.
About a month after receiving and repotting.
Es una planta joven, está maceta pequeña
Chicken and echeveria
Euphorbia lactea crest grafted
Order arrived safely and did come with a 3.5”pot.
Euphorbia bupleurifolia
My Echinobivia Rainbow Bursts
Mammillaria teresae
I am extremely happy with this purchase, Planet Desert does a great job packaging their cacti. My Rebutia I ordered is now blooming!!!
Only trusted dealer of Cacti for me.
Green with white spikes
The rebutia i received
Excellent packaging!
Color wheel
Fun Hobby
Matucana Madisoniorum
Healthy and thriving in a new pot....thanks Planet Desert :)
arrived just in time and in great condition.
Peanut cactus
Cacti Arrangement
Love it! Bigger than I expected.
Cutting was much bigger than expected. It’s already growing an offset.
Fuzzy Navel Cactus
Matucana Madisoniorum
Lobivia Winteriana
customer photo of Planet Desert
Echinopsis hybrid NoID
Notocactus schlosseri
Epiphyllum pumilum
Riphsalis baccifera
Edithcolea grandis
Echinopsis hybrid "Spring Blush"
Cleistocactus samaipatanus
Euphorbia heterochroma
Echinopsis hybrid "Los Angeles"
Echinopsis calochlora
Echinopsis obrepanda
Echinopsis hybrid NoID
Acanthocereus tetragonus
Epiphyllum hookeri
Echinopsis subdenudata
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii hibotan Purple Grafted
Echinopsis (Chamaecereus) hybrid NoID
Echinopsis hybrid NoID
Wittia amazonica
Sulcorebutia muschii
Huernia hybrid
Orbea lutea
Orbea distincta
Orbea semota var. lutea
Huernia schneideriana
Orbea speciosa
Echinopsis hybrid NoID
Orbea variegata
Trichocereus hybrid NoID
Hiernia volkartii
Huernia zebrina
Stapelia schinzii
Notocactus horstii fa muglianus
Echinopsis hybrid "Mardi Gras"
Orbea schweinfurthii
Parodia ruellihamata
Huernia hystrix
Huernia pendula x Huernia hystrix
Echinopsis (Lobivia) hertrichiana
And purple...
And a perfect pairing for the white and red ones.
Perfect pairing for the white ones.
An old friend.
An old friend.
My Zebra plant
Happy with my new Euphorbia ammak, it came later than expected but other than that it came in good condition
Perfectly packed! Two of the plants have numerous buds. Very healthy! Happy customer here!
A happy little guy!  Arrived perfectly and lovingly packed, and already happy and leafing out!  Thanks Planet Desert :)
Got this lovely Totem Pole cactus today. I can't believe how well they ship plants, but I couldn't recommend planet desert any higher for fans of desert plants.
Received in great condition
customer photo of Planet Desert
Monkey Tail Cactus
 Euphorbia tirucalli
Mangave "Kaleidoscope "
Saguaro in a rock garden of geodes, Minnesota agates and genuine petrified wood from the gift shop at the National Park.  My Saguaro from Planet Desert is doing real well
Flowers are beautiful
Still alive, got at garage sale
Zig zag
Aloe thraskii
Beautiful specimen. So excited to have this in my room full of life :).
Potted for indoor
Started with a few clippings
Healthy Plant
What type of plant is this
Gasteria Little Warty
Lithops of mine
Planet Desert Cacti
Lovely Groot
Euphorbia horrida
Mi princesa
customer photo of Planet Desert
Mi rincón
H. colademononis
Mostly Planet Desert Specimens!
I used my euphorbia as a Christmas tree this year!
I’ve been wanting a Rubispinus for some time. A couple days after my dog Roxy passed away I got the ‘back in stock email’. I got it right away and it became Roxy’s Cactus
Southern California winter blossoms
Winter bloom
Orchids and cat
Christmas Land
Cereus Peruvianus as a monstrose Xmas tree.
A Gymnocalycium Horstii as Santa.
Christmas Cactus Vibes
Natural sculpture
Vatricania guentheri
In the snow
In the snow
My daughter’s succulent Christmas giveaways
My onion is pregnant 😊
My succulent pumpkin creation
parodia mammulosa ssp.brasiliensis
astrophitum ornatum
gymnocalicium baldianum
Mammillaria spinosissima cv. Un Pico
parodia scopa
Echinopsis eyriesii
plants on bay window with holiday lights
Pink butterflies
Adenium rose
Mellow yellow
My bonsai adenium rose
Hang in there my Huernia  variegata
I keep my eyes on you !
Beautiful succulent arrangement
Pot in a pot succulent arrangement
Pink orchid cactus
My heart sings in my garden
Succulents in blue chair
Front yard, blue agave and pink flamingos 🎅🏻
Astrophytum Feeling Festive
Crassula Falcata
My Christmas Cacti
Frosty with a few reindeers
customer photo of Planet Desert
Festive succs
customer photo of Planet Desert
Holiday Cheer!
Morning light
Christmas colors
Welcome to my country Christmas I love my cactus they bring a great country vibe in my room #countrychristmas
The ghost cactus I received about six years ago, kicking up its heel for the holidays.
Fockea Tugensis
Ficus Petiolarius with pine
Winter desert plants
Astrophytum asterias Superkabuto
Christmas cactus with Christmas tree Native American ornaments
These are some of my funky plants in their cool pots!
Rare plants uebelmannia pectinifera
Im dreaming of a Cactus Christmas 🌵
Came packaged very neatly and in great condition! He looks great. Can’t wait to watch him grow and bloom :)
A Succulent Holiday
Christmas colors
Sunny yellow
1000flower in chrinthumam
Aloe with Christmas ornaments
pink flower of Gymnocalycium
turbinicarpus flower with bee
turbinicarpus alonsoi
Mammillaria plumosa
Dioscorea Elephantipes Cactus and Peperomia Hope
Succulents Anonymous
Euphoric Christmas
My Chamaelobivia Rose Quartz is planted in the Christmas themed mug. It's beside some fake look alikes.
Echinopsis flambeau cristata AKA "Thomas"  wears his handmade santa hat.
stapelia gigantea
Always a Great Addition To Our Koi Ponds. Do Not Really Have a Winter Wonderland Here In Florida!!
Peruvian apple cactus in Christmas lights
elephant bush covered in Christmas lights
Importante part in my life.
Good morning
echinopsis eyriesii
parodia scopa
espostoa nana
echinopsis eyriesii
ferocactus peninsulae
 Parodia mammulosa subsp. brasiliensis
astrophytum ornatum f.glabrescens
parodia scopa
Plants in gourds with a backdrop of the hills in late afternoon light, soon to be augmented by artificial light coming from a plant themed lantern.
The colors of the season (red and green) represented in succulent gifts for my daughter, along with festive pots.
Beauty save the World
Rear beauty...
Felling great...
In bloom
My cactus/succulent garden lives in my dining room, on a steel table in front of a southern exposure window. Each has been potted in a ceramic container handmade by ceram
Merry and bright Pilosocereus
“feeling toasty “
Wreath of Succulents and greens
“feeling toasty”
River Santa with cactus.
"There's no place like home."
Cactus with two trees.
Peanut and Orange Crown
Wife says we have too many...
Rainbow burst and dopie ❤
Macro shot of an amazing cactus I have that’s in a flowering frenzy right now
Merry Christmas Driftwood Garden
Aloe Variegata
Leuchtenbergia principis, thelocactus rinconensis, and neochilena floccosa by the Christmas tree
A tortoise hut for our favorite pet, adorned with cacti from your nursery.
Sinningia tubiflora
Pachypodium bispinosum
Adenium arabicum bonsai
Rainbow cactus it’s so pretty
Winter contest
Copiapoa Hypogaea Barquitensis simply decorated with a winter bird and Holly berries
Christmas Angel
This is on m office side desk.   I make 2" planters and needed good succulents for their display.  Desert Plant has the succulents.
customer photo of Planet Desert
Cacti gang guarded by nutcrackers
Strange things are afoot in the Christmas village.
Elfin’ around
Adromischus maculatus purchase from May.