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*Sorry, we are no longer accepting new wholesale applications at this moment.

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To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must provide us with your Tax ID Number (required only for California businesses). It is a minimum purchase order of $500, and you can only order in lot quantities of 6. 

Once you submit your application, it takes up to 24-48 hours for us to review it, and you will receive an email as soon as you have access to our wholesale catalog. we now offer both delivery and local pick-up for wholesale availability, but please allow us 48 hours to process your order. For local pick-up, please place your order online and make a note that you would like to pick-up, then we will contact you once your order is ready!

**Please sign up for a SEPARATE ACCOUNT if you want to view our wholesale page. You are unable to view our regular retail listings under your Wholesale account.