Pilosocereus Pachycladus

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Pilosocereus pachycladus

Description: It is one of the most spectacular columnar tree-like cereus 1 to 10 (or more) m tall. It ramify at the base or develops a distinct trunk with dozens of erected glaucous (bluish-silver) branches. Its elegant habit (shape) makes it look like a miniature blue Saguaro. This is one of the bluest columnar cacti.

Stem: Turquoise/ sky blue or light blue-green. Branches 5,5-11 cm in diameter.

Ribs: 5-19 about, straight, with traverse folds visible only at the stem apexes, 15-35 mm wide and with12-24 mm deep furrows,

Pseudocephalium: As Pilosocereus cacti age, they produce what is called a 'pseudocephalium', but in Pilosocereus pachycladus the fertile portion is often slightly differentiated from normal vegetative parts. The floriferous areole are usually located on one or more ribs near the apical part of the branches and produce thick, soft tufts of orange/white hair (sort-of like that seen in 'old man cacti' Cephalocereus senilis). This area of the cactus is where the flowers pop out.

Areoles: 3-10 mm in diameter, 2-12 mm apart with white to grey felt and long white bristles. The areoles that bear flowers very hairy.

Spines: Translucent with yellow hue turning grey as they get old.

Central spines: 1 to 12, straight, directed upwards 1-30 mm long.

Radial spines: 8 to 18 addressed against theribs, 5-15 mm long.

Flowers: Funnel-shaped whitish with greenish or reddish outer segments but quite variable in size, 4-7 cm long, 22-45 mm in diameter. The flower-buds are obtuse or acute dark-magenta.

Blooming season (Europe) The flowers open at night in summer and continue the day after; (in its habitat it flowers in October and fruits in January) Flowers are seen only in large, mature specimen at least 1 m tall.

Fruit: Reddish purple, flattened globular, with dry flowers remnants; the pulp is magenta or red and the fruit opens at maturity by lateral splits.



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