Xerographica small
Xerographica small
Xerographica small
Xerographica small
Xerographica small
Xerographica small

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 The ‘King of Air Plants,’ Tillandsia Xerographica, is commonly known as Giant Tillandsia. Belonging to the Bromeliaceae Genus, the Tillandsia Xerographica air plant has its origin in Central America, specifically in Guatemala, Southern Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras. Tillandsia Xerographica size is impressive with 50-90 cm in diameter and 6-15 inches in height. With its silver-gray leaves curling and spiraling around the plant, the Xerographica plant is slow-growing as epiphytes and lithophytes. The soilless air plant, in native conditions, is found on the top of forest canopies as it prefers direct bright sunlight. This monocarpic plant bears a single inflorescence, bisexual tubular Tillandsia Xerographica flowers that are red to purple in color.

Growth Rate
Air plant Tillandsia Xerographica is slow-growing. The typical Tillandsia Xerographica lifespan is about twenty years.

Mature and large Tillandsia Xerographica blooms between spring and summer, and it takes years to flower. A single spiky inflorescence bears bisexual red to purple Tillandsia Xerographica blooms.

Watering and Feeding
Tillandsia Xerographica large and small ones prefer arid conditions since these are xeric plants. Xerographica care involves soaking and misting. How to water Tillandsia Xerographica is a common question. Soaking involves placing the plant in a deep bowl upside down from half an hour to one hour once or twice a month. Letting your air plant dry after submerging is essential to prevent Tillandsia Xerographica rot. Rain and tap water are the best options. The Tillandsia Xerographica plant does not need fertilization; however, low-nitrogen fertilizers are suitable for healthy blooming and pup production.

The Xerographica Tillandsia does not need soil for growth. In nature, the plant attaches to rocks and tall branches.

This air plant variety lies in the hardiness zones of 9 to 11. An essential Tillandsia Xerographica care is that it cannot tolerate freezing temperatures.

Another aspect of Xerographica air plant care is that it loves bright & direct full sun.

How to Propagate?
Tillandsia Xerographica pups formed after the death of the flower at the base is the ideal way of their propagation.

The Tillandsia Xerographica mini and adult plants are stunners in landscaping, balconies, and gardens. Its displays include mounted displays and holders like terrariums and aeriums! Buy Tillandsia Xerographica for sale from Planet Desert.

Xerographica small

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