Pilosocereus cephalocereus palmeri Large
Pilosocereus cephalocereus palmeri Large
Pilosocereus cephalocereus palmeri Large
Pilosocereus cephalocereus palmeri Large
Pilosocereus cephalocereus palmeri Large

Pilosocereus palmeri is a beautiful and well known tree-like cactus that hardly needs an introduction, with its blue ribbed stem tufted in thick silky wool from which near the tops emerge short, funnel-shaped, flesh-colored blooms. It flowers on and off throughout the growing season.

Blooming season: This cactus flowers during the warmest part of the year

Cultivation and propagation: Pilosocereus palmeri grows well and is a very vigorous grower (one of the quickest growing cactus). If grown indoor provide 4 to 6 hours, or more, direct morning or afternoon sun. It should be watered regularly in Summer and kept drier in Winter. It can be grown outdoors in frost-free climates, needs anyway to kept above 12 °C and dry in winter. But it can tolerate temperatures down to 5° C (or even 0° C) for very short periods if very dry and ventilated.

Remarks: Do not use fatty products (like horticultural oil, neem oil, mineral oil, and insecticidal soaps) that can fade and ruin the characteristic blue coloration of the epidermis.

Some of the information in this description has been found at desert-tropicals.com, llifle.com and cactus-art.biz

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Pilosocereus cephalocereus palmeri Large

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