Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum
Dudleya pachyphytum

Dudleya Pachyphytum Cedros Island Liveforever

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Dudleya Pachyphytum is commonly known as 'Cedros Island Liveforever.' Expect the plant to grow to a height up to 6 inches  (15 cm) as it matures. The green fleshy leaves that grow in all directions are its main feature. The Dudleya Pachyphytum plant has its origin in Mexico and belongs to the Crassulaceae family.

Growth Rate

This interesting succulent grows slowly, and when the leaves plump up quickly, growth resumes, and flowering occurs the following spring or summer.


When Dudleya pachyphytum blooms in the spring, expect the flowers to be greenish-white. The leaves are thick, a little blunt at the tips, slightly curved on the edges, and covered in a lovely white waxy coating.

Watering and Feeding

This succulent type, like all succulents, requires regular watering. It should not float in the water, and excess water should be avoided.


A well-drained soil mixture is essential for Cedros Island Liveforever, as it is for all succulents.


This succulent prefers a hot climate. It belongs to the hardiness zones of 9b to 11b and has a frost tolerance of 10 to 15° F or -12.2 to -9.4° C. If you live in a cold climate, it is best to grow Dudleya pachyphytum indoors.


These succulents require a lot of light. They grow best in full to partial sun exposure. It is preferable to grow these plants outside rather than indoors.


You can propagate Cedros Island Liveforever from leaves, offsets, cuttings, or seeds. 

Dudleya Pachyphytum can be styled in any corner or space. Expand your succulent collection with this gem!

Some of the information in this description has been found at desert-tropicals.com, llifle.com and cactus-art.biz

Blooming Season Spring/summer
Common Name Cedros island liveforever
Dormancy -
Family Crassulaceae
Flower Greenish white
Frost Tolerance 10-15° f
Growth Rate Slow
Hardiness Zone 9b to 11b
Height Under 6 in. (15 Cm)
Origin Mexico
Pot Size 3.5"
Scientific Name Dudleya pachyphytum
Shape Rosette
Sun Exposure Full sun to light shade

Dudleya pachyphytum

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