Euphorbia Cilindrifolia Tuberifera

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Euphorbia Cilindrifolia Tuberifera 
(You will receive a very similar plant to the one in the picture. It may or may not be blooming at the time of your purchase. This plant is shipped in its pot to prevent any damage to the roots).  

Recommended Temperature Zone: USDA: 10b-11

Frost Tolerance: Keep above 50° F (10° C)

Minimum Avg. Temperature: 60°F (15°C)

Sun Exposure: Light shade

Origin: Madagascar

Euphorbia cylindrifolia ssp. tuberifera is a dwarf, low-growing cushion-forming succulent with a rosette of narrow, serpent-like stems arising from a short, central subterranean caudex. Among the the Madagascan euphorbias species this is perhaps the most caudiciform. Subspecies tuberifera, when grown from seed, forms a conspicuous rounded tuber that can grow to fist-size or larger, but this is rarely observed in cultivation as that subspecies is easily propagated from cuttings, which only form fibrous roots. Both subspecies display the distinctive, narrow, cylindrical, slightly curved leaves channeled on the upper surface.
Main stem (caudex): Tuberous, nearly spherical, top flattened, partly buried in the ground up to 10 cm in diameter, merging with the fleshy root. From the central growing point, the caudex produces numerous crowded branches, which look like a bunch of branches at the ground level.
Branches: Erect, ascending-spreading or decumbent at the circumference, which look like a bunch of octopus tentacles and twist over each other to form a rather lumpy hemispheric cushion, up to 15 cm, about 5 mm thick, spineless, covered by leaf scars and tissue-like, membranous stipules in tight spirals up to 2 mm, eventually deciduous. While the branches of plants in cultivation are seldom deciduous, it can be argued that this species is geophytic - with the majority of the plant (the tuberous roots) occurring underground, and (under conditions of extreme drought) the stems being shed to conserve water.
Leaves: In tufted rosettes at the tips of the branches, dark reddish-green, fleshy, up 2,5-3 cm long, terete, 3 mm in diameter, deeply channelled on upper side and bent into a hook at the tip.
Inflorescences: Cyathia are produced singly or paired in subterminal cymes, peduncles up to 3 cm long, enveloped by large grey-violet to yellowish-pink cyathophylls, about 7 x 6 mm broad. Cymes 2 mm in diameter: Nectar glands elliptic, yellow.
Fruits: Obtusely lobed 4 mm broad.



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