Frailea densispina
Frailea densispina
Frailea densispina
Frailea densispina
Frailea densispina
Frailea densispina
Frailea densispina

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Being biologically related to the Cactaceae family, Frailea densispina is a gorgeous short cactus that grows up to 1 cm in height. This globular cactus comes from Brazil. The body of this cactus is comparatively smaller than its flowers. This unique structure of this winter-dormant plant provides it with an exquisite appeal.

Frailea buenekeri var. densispina produces pleasant yellow flowers in the spring & summer seasons.

When it comes to Fraileas care, you should take care of its water needs. Use mineral-free water for this cactus. Water it well once every week in the summer season. In the fall and spring season, water it every 3 weeks or when the soil is all dried up.

Utilize a well-draining cactus soil mix for optimal growth & development of Frailea buenekeri ssp densispina.

This variety of Frailea cactus has a hardiness zone of 10.

Frailea buenekeri subs. densispina develops best in full sunlight. This is the reason cultivators always grow it outdoors to meet its light requirements.

You can use seeds of Frailea densispina for quick and easy propagation.

The Frailea densispina is a little cactus that has beautiful big flowers. Whether you adorn it inside or outside your residence, it will surely add to the loveliness of the area.

Frailea densispina

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