Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria voburnensis

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Mammillaria voburnensis is widespread in the Mexican states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, as well as in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It is a freely clustering cactus with yellow 'snowy' tomentum near the top. This species forms mounds up to 30 centimeters high and wide.

Habitat: Solitary or growing in large clumps of 25 or more, but loosely held together up to 30 cm high and wide, giving off new plants from all parts of the body.
Stems: Globose to cylindrical, apex convex, 5-15 cm high and about 3 cm in diameter (often larger in cultivation), yellowish green to dull green with a reddish tinge, oozing abundant milky sap if injured.
Tubercles: Small, sub-ovoidal, wider at base, face polyhedral above, rounded below, dull green often reddish toward the top, with latex. Axills densely filled with silky wool and bristles. Tubercle arranged in 8-13 spirals.
Areoles: Woolly becoming soon bare as they ages.
Radial spines: 5-9 (approx 4 mm long) sub-equal, irregularly spreading, more or less recurved, lower 4 slightly longer, yellowish or ivory white pointing downwards. All yellowish or ivory white.
Central spines: 1-2(rarely more), subulate to awl shaped, rigid, upright, stiff, 1-2 two times longer than radials (approx 12 mm long) at fist brown, brownish-red or yellow, becoming ivory-brown.
Flowers: Yellowish with a reddish tinge, small, about 1 cm long..
Fruits: Club shaped red, 18 to 25 mm long.

Growth rate: Slow to offset and basically slow. Over time it will produce large clumps.
Exposure: It needs as much light as possible without burning the plant, to keep the stems compact.
Soil: It needs a well-drained soil mix.
Watering: Water well and then allow to dry thoroughly before watering again, during the growing season. Should really get no water in the winter
Hardiness: From tropical countries and pretty cold sensitive (listed most places as 10b-11, but seems to do OK in 10a). It can however can survive short exposures to light freezing temperatures (-4° C.) if properly hardened off and kept dry.
Propagation: It is best propagated from seed. Seed readily germinates at 20°-22°C, or by offsets if available.

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Blooming Season Early spring to late winter
Common Name Cactus woburnensis
Dormancy Winter
Family Cactaceae
Flower Yellowish with a reddish tinge
Frost Tolerance -4° C
Growth Rate Slow growth
Hardiness Zone 10-11
Height 6-7 in
Origin Mexican states of Chiapas and Oaxaca
Pot Size 3.5"
Scientific Name Mammillaria voburnensis
Shape clustering cactus
Sun Exposure Full sun to partial shade

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It was even more gorgeous than I had anticipated. I'll buy more from them

Mammillaria voburnensis

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