Neoporteria Nidus Senilis

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 Neoporteria nidus senilis

(You will receive a very similar plant to the one in the picture. It may or may not be blooming at the time of your purchase. This plant is shipped in its pot to prevent any damage to the roots).  

Endemic to Chile, Neoporteria nidus f. senilis (Eriosyce senilis) typically has thin twisted white spines and flowers with few bristles and wool. But the spines are quite variable both in shape and color, and specimens are different one from each other. olitary cactus with dens covering of bristly spines, it hybridize easily in habitat and in cultivation too with other species of the genus Eriosyce
Stems: Purplish and solitary, globose to short columnar, 6-18 cm tall, 5-8 cm in diameter.
Ribs: 13 to 21 notched somehow depressed between the areoles.
Roots: Large, tuberose yellowish.
Areoles: Woolly.
Spines:15 to 40 radials very dense, glassy, variable in color from blond/white, yellow, brown to almost black, with darker tips; straight to strongly curled and tangled, some hairlike soft and flexible, other needle-like and stiff, of variable length, obscuring the plant body and becoming longer with age.
Central spines: About 20, 30-60 mm long.
Radial spines: 15-40 20-60 mm long.
Flowers: 1-5 (or more) cm long and in diameter, borne at plant apex on young areoles, tubular to narrow funnel-form, showing various shades of purple-pink with clearer throat in the spring, 2,5-5 cm, 1-3 cm wide; Floral tube with tufts of white wool.  



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