Tillandsia Albida large
Tillandsia Albida large
Tillandsia Albida large
Tillandsia Albida large
Tillandsia Albida large
Tillandsia Albida large
Tillandsia Albida large

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

Tillandsia albida, a native to Mexico where the plant is almost extinct now. Largely cultivated for ornamental reasons, this Bromeliaceae family member has distinct silver-colored rigid and thick leaves forming a rosette. When hung upside down, the leaves of this winter-dormant plant spiral around the caulescent stem to reach the light. Interestingly, the Albida species comes in varying heights - dwarf plants at about 15 cm, medium to extra large plants reach the height of 4 inches to 8 inches. Being an innate xeric, it prefers full sun and higher temperatures. The xerophyte bears red-colored inflorescences with cream flowers during the blooming season.​​

Growth Rate

The Albida tillandsia has a slow growth rate.



The rosette gives rise to a crimson inflorescence bearing small cream flowers. This plant has the capacity to bloom at any time of the year.

Watering and Feeding

Misting or dunking is advised for Tillandsia albida. The air plant should be immediately dried up; else, it can rot to death. 


This air plant grows on solid substrata and grows well when hung upside down, getting the required nutrients from the air.


The hardiness zones of the frost-intolerant Albida are 9 to 11. It is cold hardy and cannot tolerate temperatures less than 30° to 40°F (-1.1° to 4.4°C).


It loves bright sunlight, filtered or indirect.


The fastest and the best way of propagation is through offsets. Seed propagation is also possible but will take time.

Tillandsia albida is a must-have in your charming garden! A stunner air plant, you can now order the best quality from Planet Desert.

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Tillandsia Albida large

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