Tillandsia Andreana
Tillandsia Andreana
Tillandsia Andreana
Tillandsia Andreana
Tillandsia Andreana
Tillandsia Andreana
Tillandsia Andreana

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

The Tillandsia andreana is an elegant air plant from the Bromeliaceae family. This rare variety is native to Columbia and Venezuela. It is a unique red flowering plant with spiky needle-like leaves shooting out on all sides. With a symmetrical round ball-like rosette, this plant is pet-friendly and finds use in fun projects. The drought-tolerant Tillandsia andreana care requirement is minimal. It has a characteristic red tubular flower emerging from its center. With direct shaded light, this slow-growing plant grows up to a height of 2.5 inches. 

Growth Rate

The Andreana tillandsia is a slow-growing houseplant.


This plant flowers all the year through. The green leaves start to get the typical red blush just before blooming. A bright red tubular Tillandsia andreana flower emerges from the center of the monocarpic plant.

Watering and Feeding

Dunking or misting the plant is suggested to meet its watering needs. If the plant is placed outdoors, a hose can be used to mist it. For dunking, the plant should be submerged in a bowl of water for half an hour and then tapped dry, or else it will rot. If outdoors, water every third day. If indoors, water once every week. Feeding is recommended once in 15 days during summer months and once during winters.


Tillandsia andreana does not require soil for growth. It can attach to cliffs and rocks. When planted indoors, these look great in terrariums. 


The hardiness zone of Tillandsia andreana is 9 to 11. It needs protection from frost as it cannot tolerate temperatures less than 30° F (-1.1° C).


Bright indirect sunlight is ideal for the plant’s good health. 


Tillandsia andreana pups are the best for propagation.

Bring home this rare air plant Tillandsia andreana. Plant it in terrariums and place it on desks or tables. Ensure proper ventilation for a happy plant!

Tillandsia Andreana

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