Tillandsia Capitata Blood Orange
Tillandsia Capitata Blood Orange
Tillandsia Capitata Blood Orange
Tillandsia Capitata Blood Orange
Tillandsia Capitata Blood Orange
Tillandsia Capitata Blood Orange

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

Tillandsia capitata Blood Orange, a native to Mexico, belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. It is one of the tallest Tillandsias growing to about 24 inches tall. Its unique feature is its orange-red blush just before blooming into purple flowers. There is no specific blooming season or time for this aerial air plant. The winter-dormant plant is slow-growing and thrives well under bright indirect light. 

Growth Rate

Tillandsia capitata Blood Orange is a slow-growing aerial plant.


The tillandsia has a distinctive, vibrant reddish-orange blush just before blooming into purple flowers. It can bloom at any time or in any season.

Watering and Feeding

An important feature of Tillandsia capitata care is that it must be submerged or misted at least thrice a week. When submerging, do so for twenty minutes or more. Ensure to use rainwater or fertilized tapwater.


Air plants do not need soil for growth. They attach to tree barks, wood, etc., and look great in glass bowls, terrariums, and other ornamental decorations.


This charming air plant is not frost-hardy and grows well in hardiness zones 9 to 11.


It loves bright indirect light. Ensure to place it under the shade of taller trees and foliage. 


Offsets or pups at the plant base are the best ways to grow Tillandsia capitata.

The Tillandsia capitata Blood Orange is an extremely attractive aerial plant. Pick the best quality air plants online from Planet Desert.


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Tillandsia Capitata Blood Orange

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