Tillandsia Duratii
Tillandsia Duratii
Tillandsia Duratii
Tillandsia Duratii

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

The Tillandsia duratii is one of the bigger varieties in the Tillandsia Genus within the Bromeliaceae family. Native to Bolivia, Paraguay, and northern Argentina, these monocarpic air plants grow anywhere between 60 cm to 100 cm. The green Tillandsia duratii thick leaves are covered by silvery or grey hair, which usually curls around tree branches to grow as rosettes. This slow-growing plant can bloom anytime when an inflorescence stalk appears with multiple purple, white, or cream flowers. It is one of the fewer Tillandsias that bears fragrant flowers that last for almost a month. While this variety prefers shaded light, it exhibits different growth patterns with different light and water conditions.

Growth Rate

This beautiful air plant has a slow-growth rate. 


It blooms any time during the year with a long-stalked inflorescence bearing three-petaled fragrant purple, white, and cream flowers.

Watering and Feeding

An important aspect of Tillandsia duratii care is watering. Mist the plant three to four times a week during summers and once a week during winters. Submerging the plant in a water-filled bowl is also good enough. Ensure that the plant is dried well within hours of misting or dunking.


Being an air plant, the Tillandsia duratii does not require soil for growth. 


This plant is not frost-hardy and grows abundantly in the hardiness zone 9 to 11. However, it may not be able to tolerate temperatures less than 32° F (0° C).


Tillandsia duratii prefers partial to full shade to thrive.


Offsets at the base of the plant are ideal for propagation.

Exquisite Tillandsia species are immensely popular as ornamental plants. You can find Tillandsia duratii for sale on Planet Desert. 

Tillandsia Duratii

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