Tillandsia Filifolia
Tillandsia Filifolia
Tillandsia Filifolia
Tillandsia Filifolia
Tillandsia Filifolia

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

An elegant air plant to have, Filifolia Tillandsia has its origin in Central America, between Mexico to Costa Rica. An absolute showstopper, the plant’s rosette shape is formed by thread-like needle-shaped leaves that spread out like a fountain. It belongs to the Bromeliaceae family, growing to about 15 cm in height and 20 cm in width. From within the green leaves, arrive the inflorescent stick bearing non-tubular white to lilac flowers about 2 cm long. The winter-dormant small-sized epiphyte grows slowly in semi-shaded areas. It demands good airflow and frequent watering.

Growth Rate

The monocarpic Tillandsia filifolia is a slow-growing air plant.


The Filifolia air plant can flower anytime throughout the year, but it blooms only once and dies after some time. Like other Tillandsias, the plant has an inflorescent filled with white to lilac bisexual flowers.

Watering and Feeding

Adequate watering is a critical part of Tillandsia filifolia care. Misting or dunking are the two best options. When submerged in water for about thirty minutes, the air plant should be left to completely dry out. Since it has skinny leaves, the plant needs more frequent watering than other Tillandsia species. Twice a week is fine. Once a month, let it soak in water for long hours. Fertilization may also be required once a month during the dormant season and every 15 days in summers.



This air plant does not require any soil. 


It grows well in hardiness zones 9 to 11. This Tillandsia variety is not frost-hardy.


The plant prefers bright, shaded sunlight. 


Pups at the base of the flowers are the best way for propagation.

The Filifolia Tillandsia is fun to grow or to give to your close family and friends. Glued to wood, rocks, and pebbles, on a windowsill or as a companion to your houseplants, the decor turns ultimate with this small rosette plant.

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Tillandsia Filifolia

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