Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large
Tillandsia Magnusiana Large

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

Growing from 3 to 5 inches in height, Tillandsia magnusiana is an attractive air plant with thin leaves. It has its origin in South America and belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. The common name of this air plant variety is “Poor Man’s Tectorum”. You can conveniently place it on a table as it has a flat base and is globose in shape. Tillandsia magnusiana care is easy and manageable for beginners as well!

Growth Rate
It is a ravishing air plant that has a slow growth rate.

Tillandsia magnusiana flower is violet in color, making a perfect addition to any setting. This unique air plant variety blooms from Mid-winter to mid-summer.

When the weather is dry and humid, it is advised to mist your T. magnusiana a few times a week. On the contrary, you can reduce watering during colder months. Leave the plant to dry out after watering and ensure to not let it sit in standing water for too long.

There is no need for soil with this air plant! In place of soil, you can use sand, sea glass, rocks, bark chip, or pebbles.

Poor Man’s Tectorum belongs to the hardiness zone of 10. These plants cannot tolerate extreme cold conditions and cannot survive in temperatures less than 30º F (-1.1º C).

These air plants perform well in bright full sun. However, do not expose them to the afternoon sun when they are too young.

Seeds or pup division are used to propagate this variety.

Due to its ease of upkeep, the Tillandsia magnusiana air plant is a great choice to add to your indoor plant collection.

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Tillandsia Magnusiana Large

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