Tillandsia Neglecta
Tillandsia Neglecta
Tillandsia Neglecta
Tillandsia Neglecta
Tillandsia Neglecta
Tillandsia Neglecta
Tillandsia Neglecta

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

Tillandsia neglecta, a member of the Bromeliaceae family, is one of the smallest air plants. Even the Tillandsia neglecta giant is not more than a few inches, between 3 and 5 inches. The Rio de Janeiro native is mostly found on rock and cliff surfaces. The lettuce-like bright green leaves are pretty hard with a spiky appearance. The leaves grow in clumps, and as the plant matures, the foliage forms the shape of ‘O’. Winter is usually the dormant season. This slow-growing air plant loves bright, indirect light, and during the blooming time, a pink spike of inflorescence marked by mauve-colored non-tubular flowers shows up.

Growth Rate
Neglecta is quite a slow-growing air plant.

This plant can bloom any time of the year when a pink inflorescence with mauve flowers shows up.

Watering and Feeding
The Neglecta air plant needs average humidity levels. When it rains, take the plant outdoors. This plant needs to be misted or submerged twice a week during the hot season and weekly once during the cold season. Good aeration is a must for it. It must be dried almost immediately after wetting.

The Tillandsia neglecta is an air plant and thus, does not need soil. The plant is usually mounted, glued, suspended, or wired to varied solid substrates.

This Tillandsia plant variety grows well in hardiness zones 10 and above. The plant is not frost-hardy and cannot tolerate temperatures less than 28.4° F (-2° C).

Tillandsia neglecta prefers bright light but shaded or indirect.

Pups at the base of the stem help propagate this air plant.

The small caulescent epiphyte, Tillandsia neglecta, is truly a collector’s pride. The dark-green foliage with dense tufts is slow-growing but grows heartily with minimal care.

Tillandsia Neglecta

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