Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador small
Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador small
Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador small
Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador small
Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador small
Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador small

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

The Tillandsia tectorum ecuador is a xerophytic low-maintenance plant that needs more direct light and less water than any other Tillandsia. Native to the arid Andes in Peru and Ecuador, this Bromeliaceae family member has its leaves adapted for extreme weather conditions. Thus, the dense fuzzy white trichomes reflect the ultra-violet rays in native conditions. This plant grows anywhere between 6 to 8 inches but can be shorter or taller depending on the growing needs. The air plant is lightweight due to its snowball appearance. This winter-dormant Tectorum Ecuador grows slowly at a snail’s pace with the potential to bloom anytime during the year.

Growth Rate
The Tectorum Ecuador air plant is hugely slow-growing.

The light pink Tillandsia flower grows out of reddish bracts on a mature Tectorum air plant.

Watering and Feeding
Compared to all other Tillandsias, the Tillandsia tectorum ecuador demands less watering due to the presence of so many trichomes. Soaking in water is a big no. Misting once every third week is ideal. This plant should be completely dry within an hour of misting. In drier climates, the frequency of misting may be increased, and in a humid climate, it may be decreased.

No soil is required for the plant. An essential Tillandsia Tectorum care tip is surrounding your air plant with rocks, sand, sea glass, or shells but not moss or soil.

The Tillandsia tectorum ecuador air plant grows well in hardiness zones of 10 and above. It is crucial to note that these air plants cannot tolerate temperatures less than 30° to 40°F (-1.1° to 4.4°C).

Another important Tectorum Ecuador air plant care tip is that the plant grows well in direct sunlight.

Offsets at the base of the air plant necklace are the best way for propagation.

The beautiful snowballs of drought-resistant Tectorum Ecuador are exceptionally popular. With their marked distinct identify, your air plant collection will go a notch higher with these around.

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Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador small

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