Tillandsia Victoria
Tillandsia Victoria
Tillandsia Victoria
Tillandsia Victoria
Tillandsia Victoria
Tillandsia Victoria
Tillandsia Victoria

*Air plant only, cholla pot sold separately

Air plant Victoria naturally belongs to Mexico though it was cultivated as a hybrid back in the 1960s. The Victoria plants are members of the Bromeliaceae family and grow up to a height between 13 to 30 cm. This plant looks identical to Tillandsia ionantha, but Victoria plant leaves are softer, and the foliage is spread out as an upright rosette. The slow-growing Victoria plant blushes red or orange just before blooming. When it finally blooms, these Victoria plants bears purple-colored flowers. Tillandsia victoria plant prefers intense light, but it should be indirect or filtered.

Growth Rate
Like most Tillandsia varieties, Victoria garden plants have a slow-growth rate.

Refer to Victoria plant images with their inflorescence to view the beautiful colors of the flowers. Be it Victorian plants in the nursery or the garden; the air plant gets a reddish or orangish blush before blooming. It can bloom into pretty purple-colored flowers any time of the year.

Watering and Feeding
Misting or dunking the plant every third day is advisable. Ensure proper ventilation so that the air plant can dry out after a watering spell.

Air plant Victoria grows as suspended or mounted on wires, fishing lines, the bark of trees, etc. It does not need soil for growth.

These frost-intolerant plants grow well in the hardiness zone of 9 to 12.

One of the critical elements of Victoria plant care is the lighting. It prefers bright light, mostly filtered or indirect.

Like all other Tillandsias, the Victoria plant also propagates via pups. You can refer to a planting guide of Victoria for accurate information.

Due to its light requirements, Air plant Victoria shows incredible growth in Victoria planters. Top-quality Tillandsia victoria can be gifted to friends and family in a Victoria plant stand or Victoria plant pots. Order your Victoria house plants today from Planet Desert.

Tillandsia Victoria

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