Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens
Cotyledon Pendens

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Cotyledon pendens is a rare succulent much-branched shrublet differentiated from other Cotyledon by the thin, hanging shoots up to 60 cm long and the inflorescences with distinct, but short flower stalks. The grey-green succulent leaves, covered with powdery bloom, are an adaptation to its dry habitat, the leaf margin is an attractive reddish colour. Cotyledon pendens has eye-catching orange-red bell-shaped flowers produced at the ends of the branches. It is one of the lesser known cotyledons.

Common names: cliff cotyledon, little cliff bells

Stems: Dense, hanging up to 60 cm long, initially soft and flaccid, c. 2 mm in diameter, whitish green (due to a powdery bloom). The nodes are about 7–15 mm apart. Both the stems and leaves are at first sparsely beset with glandular hairs, becoming hairless with age (glabrescent).
Roots: Fibrous and not succulent.
Leaves: Crowded and highly succulent, in opposite pairs, pendent, the leaf blades, elliptic to ovoid, 18–25 mm long, 10–15 mm wide and 7–10 mm thick, the tip (apex) ending abruptly in a sharp point (mucronate), the base is wedge-shaped. The leaf surface is whitish grey-green due to the powdery bloom, the leaf margin is an attractive reddish colour. Petiole 1.5–2.0 mm long.
Inflorescence: Hanging, branched produced at the ends of the branches 50–90 mm long, with up to 4 flowers (sometimes only a solitary flower). Peduncle about 8–18 mm long and 2 mm in diameter.
Flower: Bell shaped, hanging down, orange-red 40–45 mm long, 12–13 mm broad with a cylindrical corolla tube slightly bulging in the middle. The calyx with pointed sepal tips clasping only the back end of the tube. Lobes spreading, recurve, curling right back, exposing the anthers. Stamens 10 produced in two whorls, filaments yellowish green and 18–20 mm long, fused into a tube in the lower third. Anthers spherical bearing yellow pollen.
Blooming season: This species flowers during midsummer.

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Blooming Season spring and summer
Common Name Cliff Cotyledon
Dormancy summer
Family Crassulaceae
Flower orange-red
Frost Tolerance 0 °C
Growth Rate Slow growth
Hardiness Zone 10a to 11b
Height 60 cm
Origin Eastern Cape in South Africa
Pot Size 3.5"
Scientific Name Cotyledon Pendens
Shape much-branched shrublet plant
Sun Exposure Full sun to partial shade
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Alice A.
United States United States

Nice plant

A little worse for ware due to stem cracking and leaf loss, but I cannot fault the packaging. This species just doesn’t seem to take jostling well. The base of the plant and roots are in good shape so I expect it’ll bounce back quickly.

Cotyledon Pendens

1 review

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