Benefits of Succulents in the Office

Updated: September 16, 2022

Benefits of Succulents in the Office

Making your workspace green is an excellent way to rekindle energies and positivity. Placing small potted plants in and around you in the office is a great idea. If you plan to get some office plants, choose small desk succulents. We will tell you the benefits of having a succulent plant in your workplace.

The succulents look gorgeous between the files on your tabletop or in a corner amidst your laptop and phone. Such a variety is available, especially if you check for succulents online at a trusted site like Planet Desert. Additionally, succulent desk plants do not cost too much and are reasonably affordable.

Benefits of Succulents in the Office

Are succulents good for the office?

Not many are aware that succulents or houseplants can have invigorating effects indoors. While in a succulent garden, these beings look incredibly stylish and elegant, there are more reasons to add a desk succulent garden. Not just in your office but also in your living room, bedroom or study. Overall, yes, these plants look amazing, adding to the aesthetics of the interior decor, but mostly, they bring life and freshness to your space. Plants like agave, aloe, and many more of their cousins are way more beneficial than being simple visual accessories indoors.

Will a succulent survive in an office?

Succulents are not very demanding by nature. It means that you do not have to spend hours or effort to look after them. These hardy, drought-tolerant plants are happy to grow just about anywhere with a bit of sunlight, water, suitable soil, and a container.

There are different varieties of succulents with different growing conditions and requirements. Some of these grow exceptionally well in limited spaces and lighting conditions. As long as your research is sound, the succulent desk plants are a suitable species to add to your home and office space.

Benefits of succulents in the office

  1. Good for indoor air

One of the primary reasons to choose succulents for your office desk is that they help improve the air quality inside. During the day, the houseplants give off oxygen as a natural process. It directly impacts the oxygen levels inside with the succulents on your table or the window, thus, improving air circulation.

Not many know that when the indoor air inside the office is stuffy and does not circulate well, employees are prone to get sick, affecting their productivity. The succulents work like dehumidifiers, costing a small percentage of these expensive devices.

  1. Succulents are great for your mind and soul

Succulents are known to have a calming effect on the human mind. Thus, they make the perfect accessory for your office because these small endearing plants help you relax, de-stress, and be more productive. It is like sitting in a garden or going to the mountains and rejuvenating the mind and body. Many offices equip their indoor areas with succulents because the ambiance helps enhance productivity and performance.

Not just that, a desk succulent garden helps improve mood, which is critical to working in a healthy environment. There are enhanced chances of collaboration and cooperation amongst employees with succulents around.

  1. They make your office look good

Succulents are also known as houseplants because they can be used as decor pieces. They are believed to be the catchers of good luck and are often exchanged as gifts. The fact is that succulents, miniature or normal size, look good almost everywhere including your small office cubicle.

If you check out pictures of offices of top MNCs like Google, you’ll find that plants are an integral part of their workspace. The small desk succulents add charm to any place.

Benefits of succulent plants in homes and offices


  • Where to place a succulent inside my office?

The best area to place your succulents is near the window, especially on the ledge or on your table if it is close to the window. This is the best place because there is ample sunlight. With a bit of watering, you can keep the plant healthy and growing.

  • How to care for succulents in the office?

You need to care for your succulents as little or as much as you do for them in your succulent garden. Ensure you surround the plant with adequate light. Natural light is the best option, if not, you can go for artificial lights. Ensure that soil is well-draining and water does not stand at the base of the plant. Also, sprinkle water when the soil is dry.

  • What are the best indoor succulents for the office?

Some of the best succulents for your office are Jade plant, zebra plant, aloe vera, agave, tree houseleek, panda plant, a string of bananas, baby toes, and Himalayan Senecio.

  • How do succulents work?

Succulents store water in their thick leaves or stems. Hence, even in extreme drought conditions, they can survive and thrive.

  • Can a succulent live in an office?

Yes, succulents do not need much to survive inside an office.

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