Choosing a Pot for Succulent and Cactus

Updated: September 16, 2022

Choosing a Pot for Succulent and Cactus

Not too sure if you need to invest in tall succulent planters, tiny pots, extra-large succulent bowls, or shallow plant pots? Should it be ceramic pots, small plastic pots, clay pots, or wooden cactus planters? Buying the right succulent pot is critical for the healthy growth of the plant. The pot or the container can make a key difference between the plant thriving robustly or wilting down and dying. This blog will cover all aspects of choosing the right succulent plant pots for your tiny and huge houseplants.

Choosing the right pot for your succulent and cactus

Every succulent that you plant in a pot needs special care, however tough or undemanding the species is. Planting a succulent and a cactus is no different, especially because both the botanical species are prone to survive through challenging soil, weather conditions and yet are overly sensitive to water.

Guide to Choosing the Best Pots for Succulents and Cactus

The first thing that a succulent owner needs to understand is that even though succulents are low-maintenance, fuss-free, and drought-friendly houseplants, neglecting them could result in unhealthy growth or the death of the plant. Pots need special attention even though succulents are easy-to-maintain prettiest plants. Succulents favor pots that are spacious and are equipped for draining off the water well. Thus, simply focusing on the visual aspects and investing in decorative pots is not enough. This guide will help you pick cheap and easy containers for succulents and cacti.

What Pots are Good for Succulents?

These are the factors for consideration when buying succulent containers:

Succulent Pot Size

Your houseplant, be it indoor or outdoor, should be planted in the right-sized pot. It is imperative to choose the appropriate pot size. Remember, the planter should not be too small or too big. In an oversized cactus succulent pot, the tender roots will grow faster than the plant, and in a narrow planter, the root will get no space to grow. In either case, the plant cannot exhibit the best growth and will die before long. Here are the tips to select the right size:

  • What size pots should succulents be in? The rule of the thumb goes as the pot should be at least 5% to 10% bigger than the plant size. Ensure that the plant has about one or two inches- minimum 2.5cm around it on all sides. Maintaining this space is enough for the plant to grow in the pot and spread. Thus, for smaller succulents, go in for 2 or 3-inch succulent pots or even 4-inch succulent pots, depending on the plant's circumference.
  • If the succulent garden pot has two or more plants of the same type, it is good to maintain a minimum distance of 2.5cm or 1 inch between them.
  • If the pots for succulents contain cacti of different species, you need to balance out the light and water between the multiple varieties. Or else, the species that grow tall will take advantage of the light and obstruct the shorter plants from getting a fair share of sunlight.
  • Is too much space good or bad? Give your plant an overabundance of space in large pots, and it is doomed! Roots spread fast in such a case preventing the plant from growing properly. When planted in very small pots, even then, the succulent will suffer because the roots will wither off from lack of space for growth.

Succulent Pot Material

It is not just the size of the succulent pot that should be considered; you also need to look at the material of the pot. Following are some of the best pot materials for growing a cactus or a succulent:

  • Terracotta, a breathable material, is one of the best indoor and outdoor succulent pots. Another reason that works in favor of Terracotta is that it seamlessly absorbs heat, offering the plant the ideal growing conditions. You can try pottery planters too.

Terracotta pots for indoor and outdoor succulents

  • Ceramic pots are good for growing succulents too. Choose small ceramic pots that can be hung or placed in the shade. Why are ceramic pots good for succulents? Ceramic like Terracotta is breathable and is a good absorbent of heat. The best thing is that there are plentiful choices of ceramic pots including white ceramic pots for succulents and other color choices.

Colorful ceramic pots for succulents

  • Plastic pots are lightweight, which is a big advantage. However, plastic planters for succulents are not breathable, making water drainage an issue. Therefore, it is always sensible to buy plastic pots with drainage holes and use proper succulent soil mix to ensure that the water never stands for too long at the plant roots.

Plastic pots and planters for succulents

  • Wooden pots are a good choice, but the problem with wood is that it is prone to rot. Otherwise, cute wooden succulent pots do not weigh too much and thus, can be moved with ease.

Wooden pots for succulents

  • Metallic planter bowls are stylish and trendy. However, these are not the right choice for your succulents. Metal starts to rust that can harm the plant.

Metallic pots for succulents

  • Glass pots are cool succulent pots, bearing a modern look. However, if the glass pots do not have drainage holes, it is best not to invest in them.

Glass pots for succulents

Do Succulents Need Deep Pots?

Choosing between deep and shallow planters is also crucial. Choosing large indoor succulent plants that are deep can be a big mistake. Succulents need a lot of light generally. However, cheap succulent pots that are deep means that light will not reach the lower leaves, and they will start to wilt and rot. The best is to choose shallow pots for plants with hair roots. These roots grow on the soil surface, absorbing water effectively. If the plant has tap roots that grow deep down, the best pots are deep containers.

What Style Should the Succulent Container Be?

The style depends on the succulent type. The need for tall succulents for pots will be different from shorter cacti species. For example, Aloe grows upright and therefore looks good in large cactus planters. Similarly, Echeveria needs small cactus pots due to their short height. Succulents for outdoor planters and indoor pots will differ. For example, plastic cactus garden pots are not advised for outdoor use because of drainage problems.

Color of the Best Succulent Containers

When you sit down to choose, you will have a riot of colors and textures to pick from. Succulents in blue, black, white pots, and more – there are a multitude of choices. There are two approaches for succulent ideas in pots – look at the pot color and choose your succulent or choose the planter as per the succulent.

Expert Tips

  1. When buying ceramic or Terracotta succulent pots, ensure that the plant is frost-hardy. Such succulents do not need to be transferred indoors during winters. The pots made from these materials tend to get heavy once planted, and hence, it isn't easy to move them.
  2. With wooden 2 inch pots, ensure to use a plastic liner inside to prevent the wood from rotting.
  3. When picking plant containers for succulents, remember the drainage part. Succulents do not like standing water. Even if you follow a proper watering routine, it is essential to go for a planter with drainage holes.
  4. Outdoor container ideas - Choosing between hanging little succulent pots and wall-mounted best pots for small plants can be difficult. Hanging ones are good for small succulents, while the wall-mounted ones are suitable for flowering houseplants.

Where to Buy Cheap Pots for Succulents?

One of the best places to buy pots for cactus and succulents is a trusted online succulent store. You can get good deals for succulent plant pots wholesale online. A virtual store is a good place to order unique and cute mini pots. There is a good variety of dish planters for succulents, zebra flower pots, small square pots, and white succulent planters. You can buy the right pots for sale and even get some brilliant succulent planter box ideas. The best pots for succulents indoors and outdoors can be bought along with the plant. Buying succulents and cacti from a store ensures that you get the best type of container with the plant. You can refer to different categories while buying the right planter. For example, you can order cool cactus pots or flowering succulents for pots, unique planters, cactus arrangements pots, clay pots for a garden, etc.

Every plant species requires a set of conditions that need to be in sync for the happy growth of the plant. Finding the best planters for succulents is important. The best type of pot will have drainage holes at the bottom. We have shared some of the best garden container ideas to help our readers choose optimized outdoor and indoor succulent and cactus pots, big and small decorative pots. We hope you have the best time growing succulents and cacti using our outdoor, indoor succulent pot ideas.


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