Everything You Need To Know About - Succulent Tool Kit

Updated: September 16, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About - Succulent Tool Kit

The need for a succulent kit arises while propagating or planting succulents or even giving a touch-up to your plant garden. Luckily, succulents are not as demanding as many other botanical species. Therefore, you do not need a barrage of gardening equipment to ensure good health. Just a few basic succulent essentials & hand tools mostly to do your gardening tasks.

Succulent essentials & tool kit

This blog will cover all the essential succulent tools to help new and ardent succulent gardeners take good care of their beauties. You can order the best gardening tools for succulents online from Planet Desert.

Succulent Plant Kit Essentials

The essential tools required in your succulent tool kit are:

  • A shovel
  • A rake
  • A spade
  • Tweezers
  • A pair of pruning shears
  • A pair of scissors
  • A moisture meter
  • A long-spouted watering jug
  • Protective gear like gardening gloves
  • A set of paintbrushes

Your succulent plant kit basically should consist of these three broad categories of tools:

  1. A succulent growing kit - This kit typically consists of ceramic pots well-equipped with drainage holes. Such kits also include the potting mix, including perlite, peat moss, etc. Sometimes, the kit consists of a nutrition pack too.
  2. A succulent potting kit - When repotting succulents, you need specific tools to assist you with the work. It contains one plastic bucket shovel, a small shovel, a widger for smooth handling of the plant base without causing any damage to the young leaves, and one bibber used for making holes in the soil.
  3. A succulent care kit - This particular kit consists of succulent care tools like a water bottle, a cleaning brush, curved tip, straight tip tweezers, an air dust blower, bucket shovel sets, rake spade shovels, air dust blowers, and leaf trimmers.

How to use Succulent Tools?

Let’s see the ways of using the various succulent garden tools.

  1. A squeeze bottle is an important part of your succulent garden kit. It is a plastic bottle used for watering succulents. These are not like spray bottles though the overall look can confuse you. The bottle’s primary purpose is to prevent you from watering the succulent leaves or stems directly while ensuring that the soil is uniformly saturated. Watering the leaves directly can often lead to rot problems. The water outlet is more powerful than a spray bottle, ensuring that the water goes deep down the soil.
  2. A mini scoop is another essential part of the mini succulent tool kit. It is used for scooping small quantities of soil and moving it from one pot to another. It must be mini-sized because most of your indoor succulents in containers are planted in small pots. There are tiny gaps that you need to fill with soil. The mini scoop helps you in doing so. This tool is used for topdressing your succulent garden.
  3. A mini bucket is one of the most commonly succulent potting tools. This tool serves the same purpose as a mini scoop but is better for a bigger succulent garden as it is more spacious. Therefore, it can hold more loose soil and is well-suited for a bigger container. Plus, it is a convenient tool to add different toppings to the ornamental succulent to make it look attractive.
  4. A hole punching tool is used for making holes in the soil to plant seeds, offsets, and cuttings. It is an essential part of your succulent planter soil Sometimes the soil is too closely packed, and the punching tool is used to loosen the soil. When you need to propagate a succulent, this tool is a big help.
  5. Transplanting tools are another significant asset in helping succulent growers and collectors. These tools can be used from both sides. There’s a split side that can be used for pressing the soil. Also, when propagating or repotting, you can use this tool to lift the plants, cuttings, and offsets. The other end of this tool comes with a scoop like that of a spoon.
  6. A bow rake is another elementary part of your succulent toolset. The rake serves multiple purposes. For example, you can use it for leveling, smoothing, or even ensuring no soil is left on the leaves or stems. It is an important tool to help remove weeds and other unwanted substances from the plant roots.
  7. A mini spade with a pointed end, narrow blade, and long handle helps reach out to difficult places. It can be used to conveniently scoop and shift small soil quantities from difficult to reach areas.
  8. A mini shovel is usually an integral part of the best succulent tool kit. You can dig the soil, shift or lift it like a proper shovel. The function is more like a mini scoop.

There’s no rule of thumb about succulent tool kits, and you can very well buy individual tools that meet your unique garden requirements. There are enough available online to help you create your very own DIY succulent planter kit.

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