Everything You Need To Know About - Succulent Watering

Updated: September 16, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About - Succulent Watering

“How much to water a succulent?’’, “When to water a succulent?”, “Do succulents require a lot of water?” These are some of the typical questions that succulent growers continually face. Succulents are drought-resistant. They are naturally adapted to grow in harsh conditions, at least most of them are. This is because the fleshy leaves of the plant store water.

Your houseplants generally do not love too much water or moisture. But it could differ from plant to plant and species to species. They are not very demanding, which means that even if you forget to water them once in a while, they will not stop growing happily. During the dormant season, most of your pure succulent plants do not need watering, and if at all required, once a month is sufficient. This blog will discuss in-depth the varied aspects of watering succulents indoors and outdoors.

How & when to water a succulent?

How do you know when a succulent needs water?

The plant should be watered only when the soil is gone dry. If you see any sign of moistness in the earth, like crumbly or dry dirt, refrain from watering. If the soil is moist and you water the plant, the roots can rot, and the plants die.

Ensure that the soil is well-drained. So, mix pure pumice for succulents. Also, the container must have holes at the base for proper water drainage.

How often should you water a small succulent plant?

The frequency of watering depends on four factors.

  • The plant should be watered adequately during the growing season, which is the spring and the summer seasons in most cases. Watering thrice a week is ideal. Most succulents are dormant in winters. This is when watering should be avoided - either stopped or about once a month. Overwatering is the best way to kill your lovely succulent. Also, watering in winters can sap the life out of the plant.
  • Based on the container size, the watering needs will differ. If the pot size is bigger, water less often. If it is shallow, water more frequently.
  • If the succulent is exposed to bright sunlight for about ten hours a day, you will need to water the plant more often. Outdoor succulents typically need more water than indoor plants.
  • If you live in an area where the temperature is cooler or the humidity levels are higher, the watering frequency needs to be reduced—Vice versa for people living in warmer climatic regions.

How to water succulent plants indoors?

You cannot water the plant in any way you want. You need to follow the correct method. The correct way is to pour water directly on the soil and not stop till the water begins draining out of the holes. In other words, soaking succulents is the best way to water them. Give them deep drinks rather than watering only to soak the upper layer of the soil. Go back to watering only when the soil is completely dried. Follow the same method for watering succulents indoors. Soak, dry, soak and dry. The cycle needs to be sustained.

Do succulents need lots of water? 

Typically, not because succulents are used to arid weather conditions. But when you water them, ensure to drench them with water. Consider the four factors mentioned above - season, container size, light exposure, and weather conditions - to help determine the amount of water your succulent would need.

These factors are universally valid for all succulent types, including mini diamond succulents.

 How often should you water a small succulent plant?

What kind of water for succulents should be used?

The best type of water that can be used on succulents is rainwater. You could also alternately use distilled water. Try not to use tap water rich in minerals like calcium or magnesium. Using tap water can lead to mineral build-up in the soil. As a result, you will see white dots on the leaves.

How long can succulents survive without water?

Depending on the season and where the succulent is located – whether indoor or outdoor - succulents can survive different stretches of time without water. The period ranges from one to three months.

Outdoor plants are more exposed to light and wind and need a higher frequency of watering than indoor plants.


  • How much do you water a succulent plant?

Three times in seven days is sufficient to fulfill your succulent watering needs during their growing period.

  • When to water a succulent plant?

Water only when the soil is parched.

  • How much water should I give my succulent indoors?

Once a week is acceptable for your indoor succulent.

  • How much water do you give a succulent outdoors?

Since they are exposed to light and wind, the frequency of watering should be at least 3 times a week during the spring and summer seasons.

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