How Plants Can Affect Your Health

Updated: August 02, 2022

How Plants Can Affect Your Health

There are many reasons why people love having plants in their homes, from bringing nature indoors to watching something grow to having something to care for. No matter what your reason may be, there are actually many benefits for having house plants. House plants can provide you with a variety of mental, emotional, and physical health benefits.

At Planet Desert, we are a family-owned nursery that has a passion for plants and providing our customers with unique flora friends that will make their collection even more fun! We offer a huge selection of cacti and succulents that are unique and hard to find in your local nursery. Be sure to shop through our collections and enjoy the many benefits that come with your indoor plant collection. In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits that plants can provide you. Read on to learn more!

Reduces Stress

Having house plants can actually help to reduce stress levels, which is something we all need every once in a while! Several studies have found that plants can help to reduce symptoms of stress. People who were around plants and performed indoor gardening tasks showed lower heart rates and blood pressure. Plants provide a calming effect, which make them extremely beneficial to have in your home and office! Indoor plants have the same effect on your stress levels as taking a walk through nature. Next time you are feeling stressed, just add another houseplant to your collection!

Boosts Productivity

Plants can also help give you a boost in your productivity, which is another great reason to add some plants to your office space! Many studies have found that having plants in the workplace can help increase productivity, as well as creativity. There is a popular study that is often referenced when talking about the benefits of plants and productivity. In this study, students in a campus computer lab were found to work about 12 percent faster and experienced less stress when plants were placed nearby. Plants can also help boost your focus, strengthen your memory, and make it easier for you to concentrate on whatever task you are working on. If you are struggling to keep your mind focused on your work and you want to be more productive, add a few plants to your workspace!

Improves Mental Health

Plants have also been shown to help boost and improve mental health. There are studies that found that having plants in your home can help to increase feelings of well-being in people with a number of conditions, including depression, anxiety, dementia, and others. Gardening and nurturing plants can provide people with a ton of different benefits and help those suffering from different conditions. While they may not by the only form of therapy you need, they can help boost your mental health and provide you with unique benefits.

Boosts Mood

Many people add plants to their home or office to boost the appearance of their space, but plants can also boost their moods! Studies have found that plants in an office can help employees feel better about their jobs and worry less. Plants have also been connected to fewer sick days, which is great for the employees and the employer! If you want to boost the mood in your workspace or in your home, add a few beautiful plants. Plants that bloom as especially beneficial for improving the mood!

Purifies The Air

Certain types of indoor house plants can help improve indoor air quality. Believe it or not, indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor air quality, which makes it even more beneficial to clean your air with plants! The process of plants removing contaminants for the air is known as phytoremediation. The roots and soil of houseplants have been shown to significantly reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While modern technology and biofilters purify your air quite well, adding a few plants to the equation will only help!

Speeds Up Recovery

Plants may also be able to help speed up the recovery of illness, injury or surgery. A study found that people who were recovering from different types of surgeries needed less pain medication and spent a shorter time in the hospital when they had greenery to look at during their healing period. This may be why people give flowers to those who are sick or recovering from an injury! Next time someone you love is sick or had a procedure done, send them a happy little succulent to boost their mood and help them recover more quickly. They will then be able to enjoy that plant for years to come!

There are many different benefits the house plants can provide. Whether you want to be more productive at work, enjoy a beautiful mood booster, or you simply love the look of nature inside, our nursery can provide you with unique and beautiful cacti and succulents that can elevate your space and provide a number of different benefits. Shop Planet Desert now!

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