Top 20 Gifts for Plant Lovers 2023

Updated: February 09, 2023

Top 20 Gifts for Plant Lovers 2023


Plant parents and green thumbs deserve special gifts that show how much you care. Plant gifts are great because they bring color, life, and beauty to any home. As the saying goes, “A room without plants is like a sky without stars.” Not only do plants help to filter the air inside your house, but they can also improve mental health and overall well-being.

Whether you’re shopping for a gardening enthusiast or an easy-care houseplant, these top 20 gifts will surely please any plant lover this year. From terrariums and succulents to air plants and flower seeds, there’s something here for everyone.

Below are some ideas to make it simple for you to choose the best gift. You might be surprised that it's just the thing you are looking for.


1. Plant Arrangement Kits

Unleash your creativity with Plant Arrangement Kits. It doesn't take a green thumb to design and build a magical world inside our DIY planters and Terrariums. Planet Desert offers many unique kits, including cacti and succulents. Let your imagination run wild!

2. Succulents

Succulents are a favorite among plant lovers for their low-maintenance care and unique shapes. There are many varieties to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your plant-loving friend.


3. Flower Seeds 

Nothing beats starting your garden from scratch! Gift someone special with a collection of flower seeds and watch their garden grow.


4. Plant Stands

Add a bit of height and style to any room with a plant stand – perfect for displaying larger houseplants or creating an eye-catching feature in the corner of the room and surprisingly become the hottest home accessory.


5. Plant Grooming Kit

Help your favorite green thumb keep their plants looking clean and organized with a complete plant grooming kit, including shears, scissors, tweezers, and more.

6. Grow Lights 

Not all plants can thrive without natural sunlight – give your plant-loving friend the gift of extra light with a grow light setup for their home or office space.


7. Houseplant Books

Treat someone special to a book about houseplants—from identifying new species to creating beautiful displays, there’s one for everyone and every level of expertise.


8. Plant Pottery

Brighten up any corner of the home with colorful pottery – from handcrafted mugs to whimsical planters; these pieces are sure to be appreciated by any plant lover.


9. Plant Food

Keep your plants well-fed with a special blend of organic plant food or fertilizer – just what they need to stay healthy and vibrant throughout the year.

10. Air Plants

Air plants are low-maintenance, pretty to look at, and come in all shapes and sizes – making them one of the most popular gifts among plant lovers this year.


11. Indoor Herb Garden

Start growing an indoor herb garden with this kit that comes complete with seeds, soil, pots, and more—everything you need for a thriving kitchen garden in no time at all!


12. Gardening Gloves

Show your green thumb how much you care by gifting them a pair of gardening gloves. You can choose different styles and materials that suit any type of gardener. 


13. Plant Label

Help your plant-loving pal keep track of their garden with personalized plant labels—perfect for labeling seedlings, flower beds, and more!


14. Window Planters

Hang planters filled with flowers or succulents on the windowsill this season—they’re sure to add an extra touch of creativity to any room in the house.


15. Hanging Terrariums

Create an eye-catching display with a hanging terrarium – perfect for bringing some life into that empty corner or adding style to any space


16. Plant Food Dispensers

Keep your plants fed and watered with a plant food dispenser – simply fill it up, and the dispenser will do the work for you.


17. Plant Gift Cards

Gift cards are practical gifts that anyone can enjoy. You can choose from different amounts, from $25 to $500. This gives the recipient the freedom to choose the product they want, or need for their garden or their house. You also don’t need to think of delivery, as you can just send the gift card online or through their email.


18. Plant Care Tools

Give your favorite gardener the gift of convenience with a set of plant care tools. From watering wands to soil testers, these handy gadgets will make their life easier in no time!

19. Gardening Apparel

Let them show off their green thumb in style with gardening apparel—from stylish hats to comfy tees and everything in between.

20. Plant Subscription Service

Give the gift of a plant subscription service that sends out beautiful new plants every month, complete with care instructions and everything needed to help them thrive!


Where to Buy Gifts for Plant Lovers

  • Garden Centers: Visit your local garden center to find various gifts for plant lovers, from books and tools to pottery and more.

  • Home Improvement Stores: Check out home improvement stores for accessories such as grow lights, window planters, plant stands, and other essentials for green thumbs.

  • Online Plant Shops: If you’re looking for something special or hard to find, online plant shops are a great option—many offer subscriptions and gift boxes too!

  • Nurseries: Stop by your nearest nursery to find unique gifts like succulents, houseplant books, terrariums, seed collections, and more.

  • Etsy and Local Markets: Get creative with your gifts and check out Etsy or local markets for handmade, one-of-a-kind items from artisans and crafters.

  • Farmers Markets: Check out your local farmers market for unique planters, terrariums, gardening tools, pottery, and even delicious homegrown produce.

  • Planet Desert: Planet Desert is a the best online platform to buy plants because of the variety. We have many collections of plants including cacti, succulents, and other indoor houseplants. Start shopping today!

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