Why Choose Plants For the Winter Season

Updated: September 16, 2022

Why Choose Plants For the Winter Season

cCacti and succulents are plants that most people want to add to their home during the summer. The warm weather, sun rays beaming through the windows, and desire to be outside, make people want to bring the outdoors in and add to their plant collections! While it makes sense to buy plants in the summer, there are many reasons to also invest in plants in the winter.

At Planet Desert, we work with plants year round, and we think you should enjoy them year round as well! Our Southern California nursery works hard to grow and create unique cacti and succulents that allow you to add something completely different to your plant collection. If you need a reason to buy a new plant this winter, keep reading! There are many reasons why you should invest in plants during the winter months.

Plants Relieve Stress

It is no secret that the colder months can be more stressful. With holidays stacked up back to back, having to plan for different holidays, prepare, and ensure everything goes smoothly can cause people a lot of stress during the winter. Plants have been shown to help reduce stress and lessen feelings of anxiety. While buying a plant may not take all the stress out of the holidays, it may help give you a bit of relief! We think you should test it out and order a new plant from us today!

Plants Provide Calm

Going along with the fact that plants can relieve stress, plants can also add a sense of calmness. This means that you can relax and enjoy a bit of calm before the storm with the help of some beautiful house plants. Enjoy your morning coffee, cozied up next to the window, surrounded by plants. Take a moment to yourself, draw a bath, and fill your bathroom with some plants. These little moments can help keep your calm and allow you to relax a little during this hectic season.

Say Goodbye to SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a real thing. SAD is a type of seasonal depression that generally starts in the fall and continues on through the winter mothers. SAD can leave you feeling fatigued, depressed, hopeless, and, well, sad. Whether it is because the sun sets way too early during the winter or because you are not spending as much time outside in nature (which has been shown to improve a person’s mood), SAD can affect anyone and everyone.

Plants could help reduce the symptoms of SAD. Plants have been shown to help improve people’s moods, making them feel better and worry less. Plants have also been shown to help improve mental health. They can increase feelings of well-being in people who suffer from depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions. This means that plants can help you feel better when you experience SAD as well. Plus, they give you that bit of nature your body and mind crave during the winter months. If you ask us, that is a great reason to fill your home with more plants!

They Make Great Gifts

Plants make great gifts for the holiday season! Whether someone in your family already collects plants or you are getting a friend their first plant, this can be a fun and special gift that is unique! We doubt that anyone will be expecting to get a strange looking succulent during the holidays, but we are sure they will be thrilled! Even those who are not great at keeping plants alive may love giving it another shot with an easy-to-care-for cactus. If you are trying to figure out a unique and fun gift to give someone on your list, be sure to check out our plants, we are sure you will find one that they will love.

Brings Your Home To Life

Winter can feel very cozy and welcoming, especially if you decorate and add a ton of soft blankets to your hangout space. But plants can bring your home to life during the winter seasons. Many people may not be huge fans of winter and may not feel as cozy in their homes during these colder months, a plant can help add a touch of summer to a home and make it feel more alive and colorful. A plant could be just what you need to make the winters more enjoyable in your home!

No matter what reason you decide fits you the best, there are so many benefits to investing in plants during the winter season. While the weather is colder, the days are shorter, and the time spent in nature is limited, you can bring nature inside and enjoy fun, colorful, and beautiful plants that add some cheer to your home. Shop Planet Desert for unique cactus and succulent plants! We are sure you will find one you love or the perfect one to give as a gift!

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