Air Plants Pots and Planters

Updated: September 16, 2022

Air Plants Pots and Planters

Air Plants are perennial plants that grow really fast. They are drought-smart, easy to grow, look fabulous as decor pieces, and are extremely popular among plant lovers. Why? Tillandsia plants need no soil to grow - they attach to almost all kinds of substrate, living or non-living. Thus, keeping them becomes less messy. These low-maintenance air plants are also thoroughly adaptable, flower at specific times, and are available in more than 500 types. So, the choice is abundant.

The fact that air plants can grow just about anywhere, drawing moisture from the air, and have a bare minimal root system, any kind of holder ranging from ordinary pots to stylish planters look suitable for display. You have innumerable choices, from fashioning existing household items as air plant holders to finding air plant pots for sale online and buying them from portals like Planet Desert.

Air Plants Pots and Planters

In this blog, topics related to a few conventional and few out-of-the-box air plant pot ideas will be covered. This will give you wide-ranging insights into how to showcase these air plants amazingly.

Remember, air plants are epiphytes, and in their natural habitat, they find host plants and get attached to them. You need to proactively use the correct air plant pot to let them thrive on their own at home.

Readily Available Air Plant Containers Options

1. A regular fish bowl - It is not a bad option when you need to display a large air plant. To make it appealing, you can use gravel to keep the plant something to attach to. Add a few sea shells to complete the look.

2. Small blocks of wood - Air plants easily attach to wooden substrata. Therefore, any kind of wood-based container or surface is absolutely ideal for the Tillandsia variety. If you search online, you’ll get some attractive options—for example, wood air plant holders with curved wires at the top. Simple rustic style wooden vases go well too with all kinds of indoor decor. There are wooden stands that come with glass vases, small and big. You can choose from floating wooden-based hangers or specific figurines made from wood.

3. Terrariums - Terrariums can make for cute air plant holders. The glass containers are available in different styles and sizes. If you have a small air plant, then go for a round small air plant holder. For the larger Tillandsia, you can choose pyramids and teardrop-shaped terrariums. Be it small, tiny air plant holders, or large air plants, you need to ensure that the container is well-ventilated and there is good airflow within the space. These air plant containers can be hung via a hook or rope. You can order stylish and finely-made glass containers online and, at the same time, recycle Mason jars or repurpose glass bowls.

4. Geometric air plant holders - The best part about these air plant pots and planters is that they can be handmade at home using DIY methods. These containers can be hung from the wall, ceiling, windowsill, balcony railings, staircase, etc. The other thing is that this is a versatile option with the choice of giving different geometric shapes and patterns. With these creative air plant holders, you can add zest to your space, from a rhombus to circular shapes. When you buy from a credible succulent store like Planet Desert, you have the flexibility of choosing from an array of practical options and designs.

5. White air plant holder - White ceramic air plant holders are a fantastic way of enhancing your indoor look. These are readily available too at a gardening store online. So, you wouldn’t have to search a lot. There are varied shapes and sizes. The bigger varieties like the Tillandsia Xerographica, Tillandsia Ready, Tillandsia Rothii, Tillandsia Jalisco Monticola, Tillandsia Floridiana Ros, Tillandsia Latifolia Caulescent Form, Tillandsia Balbisiana Velutina, or Tillandsia Samantha, you can order for the large air plant holders made from pure white ceramic. For the smaller ones, go for small geometric-shaped holders. There are wall-mounted air plant holder options, too, made from ceramic. The elegant white air plant holder in ceramic gives your place an exciting and inspiring look and feel.

Air plants pots and planters

6. Plastic air plant holder - A triangle display shelf made from plastic acts as an interesting air plant holder.

7. Sculpted table planters for air plants - These planters are widely available online. These are sold as sculpted planters, or you can use casted decor items and treat them as vases to place your Tillandsias. These chiselled pieces with the air plants look impressively exciting. A knotted sculpture is also a compelling choice.

8. Hanging pots for air plants - Hanging frames are an excellent choice for these types of air plant pots. It could be preferably metallic frames that are strong and can hold the fragile plants effectively. Meshed frames are better as you can hang multiple air plants alongside other daily use items like keys, hooks, umbrellas, and more. Then there are these innovative ones - the hammock-styled planters with a macrame holder.

9. Wall air plant holders - Mounted wooden stumps look fabulous as wall-mounted holders for air plants.

Make Your Own Air Plant Holder

Don’t want to spend on an air plant planter? No issues. If you have time and interest, you can make your own holders. Since air plants are the most undemanding plants and survive almost everywhere, you can reuse and recycle materials discarded as junk. Here are some brilliant ideas to make air plant holders:

  • Logwoods or driftwoods are an excellent choice as air plant holders. It also makes more sense as it replicates the look in their native regions. The Tillandsia varieties attach to barks and branches of trees. Take a lengthy piece of log. Ensure it is clean and not rotting or infected. Place two different types of air plants on two sides. If the log piece is a bit lengthier, you can place one or two more air plants.
Air Plants Pots and Planters
  • Shallow bowls can be used too. Logs may not be that readily available, especially if you live in a concrete jungle, but saucers and plates are a typical affair in almost all households. Convert the depthless rounded plates into the new homes for your tillandsia varieties. This is a common way to make a modern air plant holder.
  • You can look at a bird’s cage as an air planter if you want to channel your creativity. If you have an antique piece layered in the typical vintage style, it could look fabulous as a planter for your tillandsia plants.

Other brilliant ideas for making the best air plant holders are - a wooden plaque from your school days converted into a planter or a spherical made from copper wires gives the air plants spread their wings, literally. Use an old bulb, and cut a circle in the front so that the plant has enough air to breathe. Another unique air plant holder idea is to hand-make a loop from clay and place a small air plant in every loop. It makes for a good hanging pot for the plants.


  1. Which material is best for air plant planters?

The best material is to use recycled natural items like wooden pieces, logs, macrame pots, glass, etc.

  1. Is copper poisonous as a planter for air plants?

You should be careful when buying copper planters for your Tillandsias. This is because copper reacts with air on prolonged exposure. As the metal starts to oxidize, it can cut off essential nutrients to the plant. Finally, the air plant can take some harm.

If you wish to upgrade the look of your greens, go for air plants. These versatile aerophytes can be placed just about anywhere, and almost all kinds of substrata can be converted effectively into a planter. You also have the choice to shop online for planters or DIY them yourself.

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