The Perfect Soil For Succulents In Pots

Updated: September 16, 2022

The Perfect Soil For Succulents In Pots

A succulent garden, indoor or outdoor, is a matter of great pride for the owner. The most lovable part is that caring for succulents is not tough. This is primarily because these houseplants are not demanding at all. But the secret to landscaping with succulents and rocks is to use the right kind of soil mix.

You need to take care of certain prerequisites to ensure that your succulents are always happy and healthy. One aspect of a succulent care soil routine is ensuring that you create the perfect soil for succulents. The soil requirements are unique, different from other herbs and shrubs in your garden. That is why it is crucial to be well-aware of a succulent potting mix ratio. But, first, let's start from the basics and get acquainted with everything to know about succulents.

Indoor and outdoor succulents care soil routine

What is a Succulent Plant?

Any plant with thick and fleshy leaves or stems is categorized as a succulent. The part is adapted to store water. The adaptations differ from family to family. For example, cacti store water in the stem, while, in plants like agave, the leaves are adapted for water storage. Another key feature about succulents is that the stomata stay closed during the day and open during the night. Some common succulent examples are - Burro's Tail, Crown of Thorns, Flaming Katy, Aloe Vera, Panda Plant, Pincushion Cactus, and Sedum spurium.

Uses of Succulent Plants

  1. Purify air
  2. Add aesthetic look to your garden, outdoors and indoors
  3. Enhance the humidity of the place.


1. Which are air magic succulents?

Succulents are great at absorbing Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, thereby cleaning and purifying the air indoors. Succulents help reduce CO2 and increase O2. Examples are - Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Laurentii’), Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’, Red-edged Dracaena (Dracaena Marginate), ‘Warneckii’ (Dracaena Fragrans), Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans), and Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

2. What do you mean by pure succulent plants?

Succulents purify the air, especially at night when other plants release CO2. In the case of succulents, the stomata are closed during the day and open at night, releasing O2.

3. Can I plant succulents and cacti together?

Yes, you can grow succulents and cacti together because they have similar light, water, and soil needs.

4. Is charcoal good for succulents?

Charcoal is used in horticulture for growing succulents. Charcoal is a good absorbent of nutrition and neutralizes the effect of damaging chemicals like pesticides.

5. What about growing succulents in a humid climate?

Any place with humidity levels between 80% and 100%, succulents can grow even though they do not gel well with humidity. Instead of planting succulents in the garden, take them indoors in such places.

6. How can I make my succulents grow faster?

A few tips to make your succulent grow fast:

  • Provide the ideal conditions for succulents to grow - use free-draining potting mix, 
  • Use a crowd of different succulents to make combo plants, but do not over-crowd.
  • Ensure always to use the technique of watering succulents from the bottom.
  • Use a cactus fertilizer recipe.
  • Keep a lookout for troubleshooting succulents so that all issues are nipped in the bud.
  • Refer to a succulent growing guide to follow the right steps.

The Best Soil for Succulents

The best potting mix for succulents might differ, even with minor variations. Some of the common doubts that owners have about the soil for growing succulents and propagating them are:

1. Do succulents need soil to grow?

Yes, succulents need rich fast-draining soil to grow.

2. Can succulents grow in regular soil?

They can grow in regular soil as long as the soil does not hold moisture. A well-drained potting mix is ideal as it prevents the problem of succulent rot.

3. What can succulents grow in?

Succulents need soil to grow. You should be aware of certain pre-requisites of the potting soil. Miracle grow soil for succulents is the best option.

4. Where does soilless medium for succulents work best?

The soil needs extra care in places where the climate is wet during winters and autumn. To ensure optimized drainage, soilless soil is mixed with crushed lava rock, drainage rocks for succulents and pumice. Adding gravel for a succulent garden is a good way too.

5. What kind of potting soil for succulents is the best?

The most-effective potting soil for succulents is a sandy one, containing perlite or sand so that the soil drains well. Ensure the following things:

  • Ensure that the soil is never damp. Moisture-laden soil and succulents mean disastrous. Grainy and loose soil is ideal.
  • The soil should have sound aeration. This aspect is crucial for the faster absorption of nutrients and microorganisms.
  • Ensure that the soil is loose and not sticky or compact. Such soil type tends to retain moisture making it difficult for the roots to breathe.
  • The soil should not contain too many nutrients. Remember, soil can lead to brittle growth if it contains nitrogen.

6. How to make a potting mix for succulents?

To DIY potting mix for succulents, you need to mix sand, soil, and perlite or pumice in the ratio - 2:2:1.  If you are using cups, it means 3 cups of soil and sand each and one-and-half cups of pumice or perlite. Perlite or pumice helps the soil breathe, while pumice helps retain nutrients. Sand makes the potting mix makes the soil loose with increased drainage.

7. What is the best soil mix for sedum?

The ideal sedum soil mix is porous, well-drained soil. The regular potting soil forms the base of the potting mix. Now, you can mix sand with this soil. Ensure that the sand is not from the beach or garden - it is better to buy sand from a succulent shop. The lowes succulent potting soil is ready-to-use and best recommended for sedum planting mix.

8. What is the best potting compost for succulents?

The right potting compost for succulents should include coarse sand, grit soil mixture, perlite, pumice rock, and gravel for succulents.

9. How to make potting soil for succulents?

Wear your gardening gloves, and moisten the garden soil so that the soil is not harmed by dust in the mixing bucket. Add sand to the mixture and blend all constituents thoroughly. Use your gloved hands to do so. Add perlite or pumice and stir the mixture well to make it uniform.

10. What is the best soil for succulents in pots?

The primary ingredient in the succulent potting mix is organic matter or peat moss. Using moss for succulents is a good idea because peat moss is hard to wet. Grind bark and add it to the potting mix to enhance water penetration. For homemade potting mix for succulents, add coco coir.  Also, add an inorganic substance for optimization. Inorganic choices are - pea gravel for succulents, potting pebbles for succulents, clay for succulents, pumice for container gardening, and decomposed granite succulents.

11. What is the best soil to repot succulents?

When repotting succulents, remember they love dry soil. Hence, go in for a porous potting mix with the sand, perlite, or pumice.

12. Role of coco peat for succulents

Coco peat is an excellent organic material for soil. It helps water drain off from the soil effectively. Try and use dry peat since it is quite difficult to wet.

13. Can I DIY potting mix for succulents?

Yes, you can make the best drainage soil mix at home, all independently.

14. Can you give succulents miracle grow?

Yes, Miracle-Grow for succulents is the best option.

15. Can I plant succulents in the sand? Do succulents do well in humidity?

Yes, succulents grow well in sand or sandy soil. However, succulents can die when exposed to too much humidity or water.

16. Can I use bonsai soil for succulents?

Yes, you can use bonsai soil for growing succulents as it has proper drainage.

17. Can I plant succulents in gravel?

It is a good idea to mix & grow your indoor succulents in a container or dish full of gravel.

18. Should I mulch a succulent garden?

Mulch and succulents are an absolute hit. Mulch is a protective layer saving the soil from extreme conditions, whether heated or frost.

19. Can succulents be planted in the ground?

Yes, succulents grow well in the ground but ensure that the soil is well-drained to prevent the rotting of succulents.  Use Miracle Grow succulents for the best outcome.

20. Where can I buy good potting soil for succulents?

The best place to buy potting soil for succulents is from the online platform

21. Moss and succulents – How well do they perform?

Moss and succulents together are a great combination. Succulents love sphagnum moss since it is lightweight and the roots grow readily into them. This long-fibered moss absorbs water rapidly, giving the moss the thriving drink. It also dries up quickly, preventing rot.

22. Pumice vs. perlite succulents

Let's compare perlite and pumice. Perlite is made from volcanic glass and contains silicon dioxide. It is inexpensive and easily available. Perlite is good and contributes to soil aeration. However, perlite is lightweight and can be blown away by the wind. Pumice is also a volcanic glass, just like perlite. It is porous, improves drainage, and is not blown away by the wind. The only hitch is that it is more expensive than perlite and may not be available everywhere. But, you can buy a good-quality succulent potting mix from lowes. The winner of the two - pumice and perlite is pumice alternative soil.

23. Is Home Depot baby succulents the best?

Yes, you can buy baby cactus home depot, aloe plant home depot, home depot string of pearls, and more.

24. Will succulents grow in mulch?

Yes, succulents grow well in mulch. Use gravel for succulents, pebbles, rocks, and stones.

25. Can succulents grow in moss?

Yes, succulents grow in moss, especially in sphagnum moss.

26. What is the best soil for haworthia?

The best soil for haworthia is sandy soil mixed with perlite or pumice and potting gravel for succulents.

27. How to plant succulents in rocks?

You need very little soil, just enough to fill the crevices formed by the rocks. Your succulents will grow well in such a potting mix.

28. How to make succulents out of clay?

You can make faux air-dry clay succulents. Use a guide to types of succulents to make succulents out of clay.

Fertilizers - Can You Fertilize Succulents?

  1. Do succulents need fertilizer?

It is not necessary, but succulents grow fast and in different colors if the right fertilizers are used.

  1. How often should I Fertilize my succulents?

You can fertilize the succulents once a month, but the best option is once a year, during the spring season.

  1. Can I use all-purpose fertilizer on succulents?

You can use an all-purpose fertilizer, but the best is to use natural and organic fertilizers. For example, you can use manure tea with fish emulsions. Or, you can use a 15-15-15 balanced fertilizer. Ensure to dilute liquid fertilizers before feeding your succulents.

  1. Can you use regular fertilizer on succulents?

Unlike what most people think, succulents need fertilizer. You can use a regular fertilizer so that the succulents get the required nutrients.

  1. Do succulents need plant food?

It is good to use plant food when potting on succulents. Doing once during spring is enough to fill the soil with nutrients.

  1. What fertilizer do succulents need?

Manure tea with fish emulsions works well as a fertilizer for your succulents.

  1. When to fertilize succulents?

The optimal time to fertilize succulents is during spring.

  1. Where can I buy a good fertilizer for my string of pearls?

You can try lowes or Home Depot for ordering excellent quality fertilizers.

  1. Are tea leaves good for succulents?

Yes, tea leaves are excellent for your succulents. You can prepare tea and pour it on the leaves.

  1. How to prepare succulent fertilizer DIY?

To make the best organic fertilizer for succulents, you need a gallon of water mixed with Epsom salt. This homemade fertilizer can be used for both indoor and outdoor succulents. If it is too much of a botheration, you can buy and use Miracle-Grow cactus fertilizer.

  1. How to treat mold on cactus soil?

Some owners panic when they see mold in their succulent soil. In such cases, you should try spraying a fungicide to remove the mold. If the problem does not resolve, repot the cacti. Use a natural anti-fungal on the soil.

Pots and Planters for Succulents

1. Where can I buy the best planter for cactus?

You can get the best ones at lowes. You can also order lowes hanging succulents at affordable prices.

2. Share some indoor succulent pot ideas

  • When making a succulent pot, recycle wine bottles. Cut the bottles, fill succulent soil and plant different varieties.
  • Use and reuse any bowl, pot, glass, or vase to create the perfect indoor succulent garden set-up.
  • Mason jars are another beautiful option for planting succulents.
  • Find a couple of vintage suitcases and convert them into the best pots for succulent plants.
  • You can also convert an old photo frame to make the best pots for succulents

3. Share some outdoor succulent container ideas

  • Take an urn and fill it with Sempervivum variety, the hens-and-chicks.
  • Multi-layer succulents with the top row of burro's tail, Mexican hens, and Aloe striata; middle row of watch chain, ghost plant, and Aloe zanzibarica; and bottom row of sedum hybrid, a string of beads, and Crassula conjuncta.
  • A pair of square pots containing colorful Echeveria and a narrow tall pot containing trailing succulents like Dischidia.

4. Do you need drainage holes for succulents?

It is crucial to buy pots and containers to plant succulents with drainage holes. Succulent drainage pots are easily available online.

5. Do succulents in bonsai pots grow well?

Bonsai pots are great for succulents. Buy lowes succulent pots for guaranteed quality.

6. Do cactus pots need drainage?

Yes, cactus can thrive well in containers and pots with drainage.

7. Do succulents need pots with holes?

Yes, succulents need pots with holes so that the water can drain off effectively. Planting succulents in pots without holes can be a nightmare. The plant is doomed without holes in the pot!

8. Do succulents need deep pots?

The container should be about four inches deep. Also, ensure that you choose a container about half an inch bigger than the plant's base.

This was a short synopsis of what the best environment for succulents should be like. Keep reading our blogs to know more about the thriving growth of succulents in your garden and pots indoors as well as outdoors.

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