Everything You Need To Know About - Flowering Succulents

Updated: September 16, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About - Flowering Succulents

Flowering succulents may be a rare sight, especially in the case of indoor flowering succulents. However, a succulent owner will know that succulents are eager to bloom given the right conditions. A lot of care needs to be taken, though. As a succulent grower, you must know enough about the flowering succulent plants' unique needs, the native environment, seasonal cycles, and growth conditions. Take the case of cactus that are known to flower after a stretch of drought. Similarly, succulents like Schlumbergera and Epiphyllum look rather dull until they start to flower and bear huge masses of flowers. We will cover the various aspects of blooming succulents.

Flowering succulent plant with yellow flowers

Do Succulents Flower? Why Do Succulents Flower?

Yes, succulents certainly flower. Blooming succulent plants look beautiful. But that is not the only reason why these houseplants flower. To attract insects, many succulents radiate a unique smell, fragrant or distasteful. For example, succulents like stapelias emit a pungent odor that draws in flies, while fragrant succulents are known for their sweet smell.

What is Unique About Succulent Growing Flowers?

Some succulents bear inflorescence lifting high in the air, while some grow flowers as a colony like a textured carpet. Thus, the types of flowers on succulents differ. Not just that, some succulents with tall flowering stalks outgrow the space or the pot where the mother plant grows, while some are petite and hardly visible.

11 Types of Flowering Succulents

  1. Springtime Crassula - This is a succulent with pink flowers. The growth rate of the succulent is relatively slow, and the blooming season starts in late winter and ends in early spring. The greyish-green thick fleshy leaves of the succulent are frost-tolerant for a short period. Crassula Springtime can also tolerate warm temperatures. These pretty succulents bear clusters of pink flowers.
  2. Echeveria Derenbergii or Painted Lady - This is a succulent with yellow flowers. The unique light-green pointed leaves grow as rosettes. Not just yellow flowers, the succulent comes with tiny pink flowers also.
  3. Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana or Madagascar Widow's Thrill - It is an indoor succulent with white flowers. The succulent foliage is deep green and contrasts nicely with multi-colored blooms ranging from white to yellow, red, pink, orange, and purple.
  4. Delosperma Cooperi or Cooper's Ice Plant - It is also lovingly called Purple Ice Plant. This is because it is a purple succulent type and is also a flowering succulent ground cover filling the entire space with its daisy lookalike blooms—the plant flowers during summer and fall.
  5. Marble Buttons or Dumplings - Also known as Button Plant, it is a succulent with characteristic round-shaped marble-like leaves. It is a stemless orange flowering succulent plant that blooms during fall. It bears yellow flowers too, sometimes.
  6. Black Echeveria - Also known as Echeveria affinis, this plant has dark or blackish colored pointed leaves forming a rosette. This flowering succulent echeveria is a succulent plant with red flowers blooming in fall or by late summer.
  7. String of Hearts - A string of Hearts is a succulent vine with pink flowers. The flower petals are fused and are tubular with a bulbous base.
  8. Echeveria Afterglow - The Echeveria Afterglow is a rosette-forming orange-colored succulent.
  9. Cotyledon Burgundy Ice - The Cotyledon burgundy ice is another succulent with long pink flowers.
  10. Candelabra Cacti - It is a long cactus with a tall flower stalk. The cactus grows as tall as 10 feet, and the flower opens with sunrise and closes with sunset.
  11. Topsy Turvy Succulent - Its blooms are orange and yellow in color. These flowers are borne on an inflorescence.

Here are some tips to get your succulents flowered

  • All succulents do not bloom at the same time. While Echeverias flower once a year, Sempervivums generally bloom after two or three years.
  • As a rule of the thumb, cacti and succulents flower in the same season as they do at their place of origin.
  • A colorful succulent garden can be a fantastic sight offering natural displays of color riots.
  • The best succulent flowers are of different shapes - the common shapes are a star, tubular, bell, or frilly.
  • To fill your succulent garden with pink blooming succulents, tall colorful succulents, creeping succulent yellow flowers, or tall red succulents, you must ensure the right timing. For example, you need to water thoroughly during the growth periods to form flower buds. Of course, you need to ensure that the water drains off too and does not stand at the roots. Another critical aspect of getting the prettiest flowering succulents to blooming is that they go dormant for a certain part of the year. This is an important period because this is where the plant prepares for flowering - so keep it dry during this period. Having prior information about the fuzzy succulent help create the right conditions.
  • 'Do succulent plants bloom' is a common query amongst succulent owners. The answer is a yes, provided you take care of the watering and light needs of the plant. To witness your small clumping cactus or tall cactus with orange flowers or trailing succulent plant with pink flowers, you need to ensure proper lighting conditions. Succulents need a lot of light - direct and indirect. If indoors, place the succulent at the south-facing or east-facing window for succulents with tall flowers. But each succulent family has unique needs. For example, Aloes, Gasterias, and Haworthias flower well in the shade. Use artificial lights in case there's a lack of natural light. On the contrary, the holiday cactus needs long nights and cool temperatures for it to flower.
  • Fertilizing the succulent plant in the flower bed is another way to encourage flowering. Whether it is a succulent tall pink flower, a trailing cactus with pink flowers, or a succulent with hot pink flowers, you need to give food to the plant. The right time to fertilize for best results is the beginning of spring. Do not feed the succulent during late summer or the beginning of the fall. Ensure that the fertilizer is high in phosphorous.

Beautiful flowering succulent plant with white blooms


  • Which is the biggest succulent?

The Adansonia digitata or African Baobab is the biggest of all.

  • Do succulents bloom?

Yes, flowers and succulents go hand in hand, and many houseplants bloom.

  • Name a succulent with pink flowers on long stems.

The Rose Pincushion cactus is one of the most beautiful succulents that has a long stem covered with tiny pink flowers up to the top.

  • Name a popular succulent plant with yellow flowers.

One of the prettiest succulents, Aloe bears cone-shaped yellow flowers. This succulent plant with little yellow flowers has tall stems bearing lovely blooms.

  • Do all succulents bloom?

All succulents can bloom but often do not because the conditions are not right.

  • How often do succulents bloom?

It differs from succulent to succulent. For example, Echeverias bloom once a year. You would need to know the succulent plant's name list to find out when they will bloom and how often.

Outdoor flowering succulent plant with yellow flowers

  • Name a flower-like succulent.

The Greenovia dodrantalis or Mountain rose is the perfect example of a flower-shaped succulent. In this case, the succulent rosettes look precisely like the petals of a rose. Another example is the Graptopetalum pink rose.

  • Name a common outdoor flowering succulent.

Echeveria flowering succulents are very common, and they can be relatively quickly grown outdoors. In fact, this type is one of the most interesting in the succulent family. While there are colored varieties like echeveria purple beauty or echeveria burgundy pearl, these succulents bloom in varied colors too. For example, echeveria orange, yellow and pink flowers are pretty common. It is possible to prepare stunning flower succulent centerpieces and do up your home with such multi-colored blooms.

  • Name fall-blooming succulents.

The Echeveria Doris Taylor or Woolly rose bears orange and yellow flowers, and it blooms in fall. Similarly, sedums also flower during the fall.

  • Which succulents bloom at the beginning of the year?

Euphorbias, Mammillarias, Crassulas, and Aloes bloom at the beginning of the year.

  • What are some of the early spring flowering indoor succulents?

Aeoniums and Agaves do great indoors, while Echeverias are suitable outdoors. All these succulents bloom in early spring. Flowering cacti bloom after the rains during spring.

  • Name succulents that bloom during summers.

Some of the summer blooming succulents are Echeveria, Sedum, Kalanchoe, and Gasteria.

  • Which flowering succulent house plants bloom at the end of the year.

Agave, Lithops, Cerochlamys, Cremnosedum, many Echeveria types, and Glottiphyllum flower at the end of the year.

  • What types of fuzzy succulents flower?

One of the most beautiful fuzzy succulent trees is the Panda plant or Kalanchoe tomentosa. A Madagascar native, this is an outdoor flowering succulent plant grown as a hanging plant.

  • Name a succulent type plant with pink flowers.

Echeveria Peacockii is a popular tall succulent with pink flowers. The bloom stalk is long, bearing pink bell-shaped flowers.

  • Which are the succulents that smell good?

Common examples of succulents that smell good are lithops and hoyas.

  • What are a few purple succulent names?

Some gorgeous succulents that are purple in color are - Echeveria Black Prince, Echeveria 'Shaviana' Pink Frills, Echeveria Perle Von Nuremberg, Sempervivum' Desert Bloom,' Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' (Black Rose), Purple Aeonium, and Purple Pinwheel Aeonium. A few other examples of types of succulents purple are Anacampseros rufescens, Sedum spurium' Dragon's Blood Stonecrop', and Kalanchoe humilis.

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